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START pronunciación
abbreviation Strategic Arms Reduction Talks or Treaty.

start pronunciación
verb (started , starting )
1 tr & intr to begin; to bring or come into being.
2 tr & intr to set or be set in motion, or put or be put into a working state She started the car .
3 to establish or set up started his own business .
4 to initiate or get going; to cause or set off They started the quarrel .
5 intr to begin a journey started for home at midday .
6 intr to flinch or shrink back suddenly and sharply, eg in fear or surprise.
7 intr , colloq to begin to behave in an annoying way, eg by picking a quarrel, making a noise, raising a disagreeable subject, etc Come on, kids! Please don't start .
8 said of someone's eyes: to bulge.
9 to drive (an animal) from a lair or hiding place.
1 the first or early part.
2 a beginning, origin or cause.
3 the time or place at which something starts made an early start .
4 an advantage given or held at the beginning of a race or other contest gave her a two metre start .
5 a help in, or opportunity of, beginning, eg in a career His uncle gave him a start in the business .
6 a sudden flinching or shrinking back.
[Anglo-Saxon styrten ]
for a start as an initial consideration; in the first place.
to start with
1 used to introduce a list, especially of complaints, objections, etc: as a first consideration.
2 in the beginning; in the first instance It was a bad idea to start with .
start off or out
1 to be initially The film starts off in black and white .
2 to begin a journey, etc We started out yesterday .
3 to begin (doing a specified thing or with a specified aim in mind) started out camping, but the weather was too bad .
start something off
1 to be the cause of it Anger over the tax started the riots off .
2 to begin it.
start on someone to become suddenly and violently hostile towards them; to turn on them.
start out as something to begin a career, etc as it started out as a doctor .
start up or start something up
1 said of a car, engine, etc: to run or get it running.
2 to establish it; to put it into action The mums started up their own playgroup . See also start-up.

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