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star pronunciación
a any celestial body that can be seen in a clear night sky as a twinkling white light, which consists of a sphere of gaseous material that is held together entirely by its own gravitational field;
b also used more loosely to refer to: any planet, comet or meteor.
2 a representation of such a body in the form of a figure with five or more radiating points, often used as a symbol of rank or excellence, as an award, etc.
3 a an outstanding performer, especially in entertainment or sport movie star ;
b a celebrity;
c someone or something that is distinguished or thought well of in a specified field.
4 (the stars)
a the planets regarded as an influence on people's fortunes believed his fate was in the stars ;
b a horoscope I'm going to win money according to my stars .
5 an asterisk.
6 a white mark on the forehead of a horse, etc.
verb (starred , starring )
1 tr & intr to feature someone as a principal performer or to appear in (a film, TV programme, theatre production, etc) as a principal performer.
2 to decorate something with stars.
3 to asterisk.
[Anglo-Saxon steorra ]
starless adjective .
starlike adjective , adverb .
starry see separate entry.
see stars to see spots of light before one's eyes, especially as a result of a heavy blow to the head.

star billing
noun the most prominent position on a poster, etc indicating that the performer named is the main attraction.

Star Chamber
noun , hist a court which was very influential under the rules of James I and Charles I and which administered its justice in a highly selective and tyrannical way until it was abolished in 1641.

star connection
noun , elec eng a three-phase Y-shaped connection. Also called Y-connection.

star fruit
noun the smooth-skinned yellow fruit, star-shaped in cross-section, of the carambola.

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