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standard pronunciación
1 an established or accepted model.
2 a model of excellence for other similar things to be compared to, measured or judged against; a criterion the standard by which all other dictionaries will be measured .
3 (often standards)
a a degree or level of excellence, value, quality, etc Standards of living have fallen ;
b a principle, eg of morality, integrity, etc moral standards .
4 a flag or other emblem, especially one carried on a pole the royal standard . See also standard-bearer.
5 an upright pole or support.
6 colloq something, especially a song, that has remained popular over the years sang all the old standards .
7 a the legally required weight for coins;
b the fineness of the metal used in the minting of coins;
c the commodity that the value of a country's other commodities and its monetary unit is based on the gold standard .
8 an unsupported tree, especially a fruit tree or shrub.
9 an authorized model of a unit of measurement or weight.
1 having features that are generally accepted as normal or expected; typical; average; unexceptional A month's notice is standard practice .
2 accepted as supremely authoritative the standard text of Shakespeare .
3 said of language: accepted as correct by educated native speakers.
[12c: from French estandart a gathering place for soldiers]

standard deviation
noun , maths (abbreviation SD) in statistics, a measure of dispersion obtained by calculating the square root of the mean of the squared deviations that a set of observations show from the mean of the sample.

Standard English
noun the variety of English perceived as being spoken by educated people, which is generally accepted as the correct form of the language.

Standard English Standard English is the form of English generally used throughout the English-speaking world in education, the law-courts and government bodies, the media, and in all other forms of formal speech and writing. It consists of those elements of vocabulary and grammar (not pronunciation) that are recognized and used by English-speakers across regional and national divides, although there is in fact no single regional community whose language conforms to it entirely, the language of each community having its own variance to a greater or lesser degree. We can, then, only really say that a particular word or construction is or is not Standard English. Those words or constructions that are not Standard English are non-standard, which is not to say substandard or inferior. There is no difference in -correctness' between I ain't done nothing and I seen it on the one hand, and I haven't done anything and I saw it on the other. Where they differ is in appropriateness: I ain't done it yet would be inappropriate in a business letter, but perfectly acceptable in informal speech.

standard error or standard error of the mean
noun , maths (abbreviation SE or SEM) a measurement widely used in statistics, which is obtained by dividing the standard deviation by the root of the number of observations.

standard gauge
noun a railway system where the tracks are 4ft 81/2ins (1.435m) apart.

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