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stand pronunciación
verb (stood , standing )
1 intr to be in, remain in or move into an upright position supported by the legs or a base.
2 tr & intr to place or situate, or be placed or situated in a specified position stood the vase on the table .
3 intr to be a specified height The tower stands 300 feet tall .
4 to tolerate or put up with someone or something How can you stand that awful noise?
5 to be a candidate, eg in an election, etc.
6 intr to be in a specified state or condition I stand corrected .
7 intr to be in a position (to do something) We stand to make a lot of money .
8 intr to continue to apply or be valid The decision stands .
9 to withstand or survive something stood the test of time .
1 a base on which something sits or is supported.
2 a stall that goods or services for sale are displayed on.
3 a a structure at a sports ground, etc which has sitting or standing accommodation for spectators;
b a platform or similar structure;
c (the stand) a witness box.
4 a a rack, frame, etc where coats, hats, umbrellas, etc may be hung;
b in compounds hallstand .
5 an opinion, attitude or course of action that is adopted resolutely took a stand against animal testing .
6 cricket a partnership between batsmen, expressed in terms of the time it lasts or the number of runs scored.
7 an act of resisting attack.
8 a stop on a tour made by a band, theatre company etc at The King's for a two-week stand . See also one-night stand.
[Anglo-Saxon standan ]
make a stand to resist attack or adopt a determined attitude (against or towards something).
stand guard to perform the duties of a guard.
stand on one's own feet or own two feet to be or become independent.
stand one's ground to maintain a position resolutely.
stand someone something colloq to buy it for them stood me lunch .
stand trial to be tried in court.
take the stand to enter a witness box and give evidence.
stand by
1 to be in a state of readiness to act.
2 to look on without taking the required or expected action just stood by and never offered to help . See also stand-by.
stand by someone to give them loyalty or support, especially when they are in difficulty.
stand down
1 to resign, especially in favour of someone else.
2 to finish giving evidence from a witness box.
stand for something
1 to be in favour of promoting it.
2 said of a symbol, letter, device, etc: to represent, mean or signify something The red ribbon stands for AIDS awareness .
3 to tolerate or allow it.
stand in for someone to act as a substitute for them. See also stand-in.
stand off
1 to keep at a distance.
2 naut to steer away from (the shore or an obstacle). See also stand-off.
stand on naut to continue on the same course.
stand on something to insist on it We don't stand on ceremony .
stand out to be noticeable or prominent.
stand out for something to persist in demanding or seeking (a concession, etc); to hold out.
stand over someone or something to watch them or it, especially in a supervisory or controlling manner.
stand to to be ready (to start work, etc).
stand up
1 to assume a standing position.
2 to prove to be valid on examination an argument that will stand up in court . See also stand-up.
stand someone up colloq to fail to keep an appointment or date with them.
stand up for someone
1 to back them in a dispute, argument, etc.
2 chiefly US to act as best man or be a witness at their wedding Andy asked Bobby if he would stand up for him .
stand up for something to support it.
stand up to someone to face or resist them.
stand up to something to withstand it (eg hard wear or criticism).

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