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squeeze pronunciación
verb (squeezed , squeezing )
1 to grasp or embrace tightly.
2 to press forcefully, especially from at least two sides.
3 to press or crush so as to extract (liquid, juice, toothpaste, etc).
4 to press gently, especially as an indication of affection, reassurance, etc squeezed his hand .
5 tr & intr to force or be forced into or through a confined space Ten of us squeezed into a phone box .
6 (squeeze someone out) to force them from their position, especially by making things intolerable squeezed them out with the high rents .
7 to put under financial pressure squeezed his elderly mother for money for drugs .
8 (usu squeeze something out of someone) to extract it, especially by exerting some form of pressure They eventually squeezed a confession out of him .
9 bridge , whist to play in a way that forces (an opponent) to discard a potentially winning card.
1 an act of squeezing.
2 a crowded or crushed state It's a bit of a squeeze with four on the sofa .
3 an amount (of fruit juice, etc) that is obtained by squeezing a squeeze of lemon .
4 a restriction, especially on spending or borrowing money.
5 (also squeeze play) bridge , whist a way of playing that forces an opponent to discard a potentially winning card.
[Anglo-Saxon cwysan to press]
squeezability noun .
squeezable adjective .
squeezer noun .
put the squeeze on someone colloq to pressurize them into paying something.

noun , colloq an accordion or concertina.

adjective (squeezier , squeeziest ) said of a bottle, container, etc: soft and flexible so that its contents can be squeezed out.

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