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square pronunciación
1 a two-dimensional figure with four sides of equal length and four right angles.
2 anything shaped like this.
3 an open space in a town, usually roughly square in shape, and the buildings that surround it.
4 an L-shaped or T-shaped instrument which is used for measuring angles, drawing straight lines, etc.
5 the number that is formed when a number is multiplied by itself.
6 colloq someone who has traditional or old-fashioned values, tastes, ideas, etc.
1 shaped like a square or, sometimes, like a cube a square table a square box .
2 used with a defining measurement to denote the area of something The area of the rectangle is 6 square feet .
3 angular; less rounded than normal a square jaw .
4 measuring almost the same in breadth as in length or height.
5 fair; honest a square deal .
6 complete; outright a square denial .
7 at right angles.
8 said of a pass in football, hockey, etc: driven across the pitch as opposed to ahead towards the goal.
9 said of a line of defence in football, hockey, etc: having all the players in a line across the pitch.
10 cricket positioned at right angles to the wicket square cover .
11 colloq having traditional or old-fashioned values, tastes, ideas, etc.
verb (squared , squaring )
1 to make square in shape, especially to make right-angled.
2 to multiply (a number) by itself.
3 to pay off or settle (a debt).
4 to make the scores level in (a match).
5 to mark with a pattern of squares.
6 in football, hockey, etc: to drive (the ball, a pass, etc) across the pitch.
1 solidly and directly hit me square on the jaw .
2 fairly; honestly.
[13c: from French esquarre to square]
squarely adverb .
squareness noun .
squarer noun .
squarish adjective .
all square colloq
1 equal.
2 not in debt; with each side owing nothing.
back to square one colloq back to the original position, with the problem unsolved.
on the square
1 at right angles.
2 openly; honestly.
3 colloq an expression identifying someone as a Freemason.
square the circle to do the impossible.
square up to someone to prepare to fight them.
square up to something to prepare to tackle it, especially in a brave way.
square with something to agree or correspond with it.
square something with someone to get their approval or permission for it.
square up to settle a bill, etc.

También tienes: scare
square bracket
noun either of a pair of brackets in the form [ ].

square dance
noun any of various folk dances that are performed by couples in a square formation.
verb (square-dance) intr to take part in this type of dance.
square-dancer noun .
square-dancing noun .

square deal
noun , colloq a fair and honest arrangement or transaction.

square knot
noun a reef knot.

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