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spread pronunciación
verb (spread , spreading )
1 tr & intr to apply, or be capable of being applied, in a smooth coating over a surface spread the jam on the toast This butter spreads easily .
2 (also spread out or spread something out) to extend or make it extend or scatter, often more widely or more thinly.
3 intr to extend over an area Rain will spread from the west The unrest soon spread to all departments .
4 (also spread something out) to open it out or unfold it, especially to its full extent spread the sheet on the bed .
5 tr & intr to transmit or be transmitted or distributed Flies spread disease Rumours began to spread .
6 a to separate or come undone or apart;
b to force apart.
a the act, process or extent of spreading;
b coverage or expanse, area.
2 a food in paste form, for spreading on bread, etc.
3 a originally a pair of facing pages in a newspaper or magazine;
b loosely an article in a newspaper or magazine a huge spread on Madonna .
4 colloq a lavish meal put on a scrumptious spread .
5 N Am a farm or ranch and its lands, usually one given over to cattle-rearing.
6 colloq increased fatness around the waist and hips middle-age spread .
7 a cover, especially for a bed or table.
8 stock exchange the difference between the price that is bid for shares and the price they are offered at.
1 being in or having an extended, wide or open position.
2 phonetics said of a vowel: articulated with the lips stretched sideways.
3 said of a gemstone: flat and shallow.
[Anglo-Saxon sprædan ]
spreadable adjective .
spreader noun .
spread oneself too thin to commit oneself to too many things at once and so become unable to do any of them satisfactorily.

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