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spot pronunciación
1 a small mark or stain.
2 a drop of liquid.
3 a small amount a spot of trouble .
4 an eruption on the skin; a pimple.
5 a place found a secluded spot .
6 colloq a small amount of work did a spot of ironing .
7 a place or period in a schedule or programme a five-minute comedy spot .
8 colloq a spotlight.
9 snooker , billiards a mark on the table where a specified ball is placed had to put the black on the pink ball's spot .
10 a relatively dark patch on the Sun.
11 colloq a place of entertainment knew all the hot spots in town .
verb (spotted , spotting )
1 to mark with spots.
2 to see; to catch sight of something.
3 (usu in compounds ) to watch for and record the sighting of (eg trains, planes, etc).
4 to search for (new talent).
5 intr said of rain: to fall lightly.
6 snooker to put (a ball) in its proper place on the table or, if that is not possible, to place it on the next available one.
[12c: from Norse spotti small bit]
spotting noun .
-spotting combining form trainspotting .
high spot see separate entry.
in a spot colloq in trouble or difficulty.
knock spots off someone or something colloq to be overwhelmingly better than them.
on the spot
1 immediately and often without warning Motorists caught speeding are fined on the spot .
2 at the scene of some notable event.
3 in an awkward situation, especially one requiring immediate action or response put someone on the spot .
soft spot, tight spot and weak spot see separate entries.

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