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sponge pronunciación
1 any of numerous aquatic, usually marine, invertebrate primitive animals that consist of a large cluster of cells and which usually live in colonies.
2 a a piece of the soft porous skeleton of this animal which is capable of holding comparatively large amounts of water;
b a piece of similarly absorbent synthetic material.
3 sponge cake or pudding.
4 a wipe with a cloth or sponge in order to clean something gave the baby's face a quick sponge .
5 colloq someone who regularly drinks a lot.
verb (sponged , sponging )
1 (also sponge something down) to wash or clean it with a cloth or sponge and water.
2 to mop up.
3 (usu sponge off someone) colloq to borrow money, etc from them, often without any intention of paying it back.
4 (usu sponge on someone) to survive by habitually imposing on someone else or others, expecting them to pay for things, etc.
5 to go fishing or diving for sponges.
[Anglo-Saxon, from Greek spongia ]
spongeable adjective .
throw in or up the sponge see under towel.

sponge bag
noun a small waterproof bag that toiletries are kept in, especially when travelling. Also called toilet bag.

sponge bath
noun a bedbath.

sponge cake
noun a light fluffy sweet cake that is made from flour, sugar and eggs.

sponge finger
noun a finger-shaped sponge cake. Also called lady's finger.

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