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spoil pronunciación
verb (spoilt or spoiled , spoiling )
1 to impair, ruin or make useless or valueless.
2 to mar or make less enjoyable The contrived ending spoiled the film .
3 a to treat someone or something in an indulgent way;
b to harm the character of (a child, pet, etc) by overindulgence.
4 intr said of food: to become unfit to eat.
5 to deliberately deface (a ballot paper, voting slip, etc) in order to make it invalid.
noun (always spoils)
1 possessions taken by force; plunder the spoils of war .
2 any benefits or rewards.
[13c: from French espoillier , from Latin spoliare , from spolium plunder or booty]
be spoiled or spoilt for choice to have so many options that it is hard to choose.
be spoiling for something to seek out (a fight, argument, etc) eagerly.

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