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spirit pronunciación
1 the animating or vitalizing essence or force that motivates, invigorates or energizes someone or something.
2 this force as an independent part of a person, widely believed to survive the body after death.
3 a supernatural being without a body Evil spirits haunted the house .
4 a temperament, frame of mind, etc, usually of a specified kind She always had a very independent spirit ;
b the dominant or prevalent mood, attitude, etc tried to gauge public spirit ;
c the characteristic essence, nature, etc of something the spirit of friendship the spirit of Christmas ;
d courage defending herself with great spirit ;
e liveliness or vivacity played the piece with admirable spirit ;
f a person or thing that has a specified nature or quality thinks of himself as a free spirit .
5 the underlying essential meaning or intention, as distinct from literal interpretation in accordance with the spirit, not the letter, of the law .
6 a distilled alcoholic drink, eg whisky, brandy, gin, etc.
7 chem a volatile liquid obtained by distillation.
verb (spirited , spiriting )
1 (usu spirit something or someone away or off) to carry or convey them mysteriously or magically.
2 (usu spirit up) to give or add determination, courage or liveliness.
[13c: from French espirit , from Latin spiritus , from spirare to breathe]
spiritless adjective without courage, animation or enthusiasm.
in good or high, etc spirits in a happy, contented, etc mood.
in spirit in thought, not physically I'll be with you in spirit, if not in person .
out of spirits sad or depressed.

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