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spill pronunciación 1
verb (spilt or spilled , spilling )
1 tr & intr to run or flow or cause (a liquid, etc) to run or flow out from a container, especially accidentally.
2 intr to come or go in large crowds, especially quickly The spectators spilled onto the pitch .
3 to shed (blood, especially that of other people) a terrible war, in which a lot of blood was spilled .
4 colloq to throw from a vehicle or saddle.
1 an act of spilling.
2 colloq a fall, especially from a vehicle or horse.
[Anglo-Saxon spillan ]
spill one's guts colloq to confess everything that one knows.
spill the beans colloq to reveal confidential information, either inadvertently or deliberately.
spill over to overflow or go beyond. See also spillover.

spill pronunciación 2
noun a thin strip of wood or twisted paper for lighting a fire, candle, pipe, etc.
[Early 19c]

1 the act or process of spilling.
2 something that is spilt or an amount spilt.

spillikin or spilikin or spellican
1 a small thin strip of wood, bone, etc.
2 (spillikins) a game where lots of these strips are heaped together and the object is to try and take one after another from the pile without disturbing the others.
[18c: a diminutive of spill2]

1 an overflowing.
2 a consequence or side-effect. See also spill over under spill1.

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