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spike pronunciación 1
a any thin sharp point;
b a pointed piece of metal, eg one of several on railings.
2 a one of several pointed metal pegs that are set into the soles of running-shoes;
b (spikes) a pair of running-shoes with spiked soles.
3 a large metal nail.
4 drug-taking slang a hypodermic needle.
verb (spiked , spiking )
1 to strike, pierce or impale with a pointed object.
2 colloq
a to make (a drink) stronger by adding alcohol or extra alcohol;
b to lace (a drink) with a drug.
[Anglo-Saxon spicing ]
spiked adjective .
spiky see separate entry.
spike someone's guns colloq to spoil their plans.

spike pronunciación 2
noun , bot a pointed flower head which consists of a cluster of small individual flowers growing together along an axis, with the youngest flowers at the tip and the oldest ones nearest the base.
[16c in this sense; 13c, meaning -ear of corn-: from Latin spica ear of corn]

noun , bot a small spike such as those that form the inflorescences of many grasses, often enclosed by a pair of bracts.

spikenard pronunciación
1 an aromatic plant that is native to the Himalayas and which has rose-purple flowers and aromatic underground stems.
2 an aromatic oil or ointment that is prepared from the underground stem of this plant. Also called nard.
[14c: from Latin spica a spike + nardus nard]

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