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spell pronunciación 1
verb (spelt or spelled , spelling )
1 (sometimes spell something out) to write or name (the constituent letters of a word or words) in their correct order.
2 said of letters: to form (a word) when written in sequence.
3 to indicate something clearly His angry expression spelt trouble .
[13c: from French espeller , from German spellen and related to gospel]
spellable adjective .
speller noun .
spelling see separate entry.
spell something out to explain something clearly and in detail The instructions spell out exactly how it's done .

spell pronunciación 2
1 a set of words which, especially when spoken, is believed to have magical power, often of an evil nature a magic spell .
2 any strong attracting influence; a fascination found the spell of her personality incredibly powerful .
[Anglo-Saxon, meaning -narrative-, from spellian to speak or announce]
under a spell held by the influence of a spell that has been cast.
under someone's spell captivated by their influence.

spell pronunciación 3
1 (often for a spell or a spell of) a period or bout of illness, work, weather, etc often of a specified kind hope this spell of sunshine continues .
2 an interval or short break from work.
verb (spelled , spelling )
1 to replace or relieve someone at work.
2 intr to take an interval or short break from work.
[Anglo-Saxon spelian to act for another]

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