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Special Drawing Rights or special drawing rights
plural noun an extra entitlement that allows member countries of the International Monetary Fund to draw currency from its assets. Often shortened to SDR or SDRs.

special education
noun education for children with special educational needs.

special effects
plural noun , cinematog techniques, such as computer-generated imagery, lighting, manipulation of film or sound, etc used to contribute to the illusion in films, TV or radio programmes, theatrical performances, etc. Sometimes shortened to FX, sfx.

special intention see under intention

Special K
noun , drug-taking slang the hallucinogenic drug ketamine.
[1980s: from the name of a popular breakfast cereal]

special licence
noun a licence that allows a marriage to take place outside the normal hours or at short notice and usually without the normal legal formalities.

special needs
plural noun requirements for educational provision in excess of what is usually provided, eg due to physical or learning disability.

special pleading
noun unfair or one-sided argument aiming rather at victory rather than at truth.

special school
noun a school for children with special educational needs.

1 a particular subject or area of study that someone specializes in.
2 the act of specializing in something.

specialist pronunciación
noun someone whose work, interest or expertise is concentrated on a particular subject.

speciality pronunciación
noun (specialities )
1 something such as a particular area of interest, a distinctive quality, a specified product, etc that a company, individual, etc has special knowledge of or that they especially excel in Her speciality is ancient history The restaurant's speciality is seafood .
2 a special feature, skill, characteristic, service, etc.

speciality, specialty Speciality and specialty have virtually the same meaning. Speciality is the commoner form in British English, specialty in American English.

specialize pronunciación or specialise
verb (specialized , specializing )
1 (also specialize in something)
a to be or become an expert in a particular activity, field of study, etc;
b to devote a lot of time, effort, etc (to a particular activity).
2 said of an organism, body part, etc: to adapt or become adapted for a specified purpose or to particular surroundings.
[17c: from special]
specialization noun .

specialized or specialised
1 adapted, developed, modified, etc for a particular purpose or to particular surroundings highly specialized plants that can live in arid conditions .
2 highly specific; understood only by an expert in the field a specialized knowledge of wine .

noun (specialties )
1 chiefly US a speciality.
2 law a deed made under seal.
[15c in sense 2: from French especialte , from especial special]

specialty See Usage Note at speciality.


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