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speak pronunciación
verb (past tense spoke or (old use) spake , past participle spoken , present participle speaking )
1 tr & intr
a to utter words in an ordinary voice, as opposed to shouting, singing, screaming, etc;
b to talk speaks a load of rubbish .
2 intr to have a conversation We speak on the phone every night .
3 intr to deliver a speech spoke on the subject of rising urban crime .
4 to communicate, or be able to communicate, in (a particular language) He speaks French fluently .
5 intr to convey meaning Actions speak louder than words .
combining form , forming nouns, signifying talk or jargon of the specified kind luvviespeak doublespeak .
[Anglo-Saxon specan ]
speakable adjective .
be on speaking terms see under speaking.
so to speak in a way; as it were had a bit of a tiff, so to speak .
speak for itself to have an obvious meaning; to need no further explanation or comment.
speak for oneself
1 to give one's own opinion or opinions.
2 to exclude others from what one is saying, referring to, etc.
speak ill of someone or something to criticize them or it; to blacken their or its name.
speak one's mind to say what one thinks boldly, defiantly, without restraint, etc.
speak the same language see under language.
speak volumes see under volume.
to speak of usu with negatives worth mentioning, considering, etc received no education to speak of .
speak for
1 to give an opinion on behalf of (another or others).
2 to articulate the commonly held feelings, beliefs, views, opinions, etc of (others).
speak out
1 to speak openly; to state one's views forcefully.
2 to speak more loudly.
speak to someone
1 to reprimand them.
2 to be meaningful to them That painting really speaks to me .
speak up
1 to speak more loudly.
2 to make something known If you've any objections, speak up now .
speak up for someone or something
1 to vouch for or defend them or it.
2 to represent them or it.

noun (speakeasies ) colloq an illicit bar where alcohol was sold during Prohibition in the US.

1 someone who speaks, especially someone who gives a formal speech.
2 a shortened form of loudspeaker.
3 (usu the Speaker) the person who presides over debate in a law-making assembly such as the House of Commons.

speaking pronunciación
noun an act, instance or the process of saying something.
1 able to produce speech a speaking teddy bear .
2 in compounds having the ability to speak (a particular language) a Portuguese-speaking secretary .
3 said of a portrait, etc: characterized by having a striking resemblance to its subject.
be on speaking terms to be sufficiently friendly or familiar to hold a conversation.

speaking clock
noun , Brit a telephone service in which a recorded voice states the exact time when the number is dialled.

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