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space pronunciación
1 the limitless three-dimensional expanse where all matter exists.
2 a a restricted portion of this; room no space in the garden for a pool ;
b in compounds a space-saving device .
3 an interval of distance; a gap Sign in the space below If you don't know the answer, just leave a space .
4 any of a restricted number of seats, places, etc a space at our table only two spaces left on this course .
5 a period of time within the space of ten minutes .
6 (also outer space) all the regions of the Universe that lie beyond the Earth's atmosphere.
7 an area of a newspaper or a spot on TV or radio that is reserved for a specified use, purpose, etc sells advertising space .
8 a the blank gap between printed or written words or letters;
b printing a piece of metal that is used for producing this kind of gap.
9 colloq room for the unrestrained liberty to think, do, etc as one wants.
verb (spaced , spacing )
1 (sometimes space things out) to set or place them at intervals spaced the interviews over three days .
2 to separate or divide with a space or spaces, eg in printing, etc.
[14c: from French espace , from Latin spatium space]
spaced see separate entry.
spaceless adjective .
spacer noun .
spacing noun .

space age
noun (usu the space age) the present era thought of in terms of being the time when space travel became possible.
adjective (space-age)
1 technologically very advanced.
2 having a futuristic appearance.

space bar
noun the long key on a keyboard that gives a space in the text when it is pressed.

space blanket
noun a lightweight plastic cover, often coated in aluminium foil, that can be used as an insulating body wrap for climbers, athletes, etc when there is danger of exposure, hypothermia, etc.

space cadet
1 colloq someone whose apparent lack of contact with reality suggests a drugged state.
2 a trainee astronaut.

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