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sour pronunciación
adjective (sourer , sourest )
1 having an acid taste or smell, similar to that of lemon juice or vinegar.
2 rancid or stale because of fermentation sour milk .
3 sullen; miserable; embittered the sourest face I've ever seen .
4 unpleasant, unsuccessful or inharmonious The marriage turned sour .
5 said of an alcoholic drink: with lemon or lime juice added to it brandy sour .
verb (soured , souring ) tr & intr to make or become sour.
[Anglo-Saxon sur ]
soured adjective .
souring noun .
sourish adjective .
sourishly adverb .
sourly adverb .
sourness noun .

sour cream
noun cream that has been deliberately made sour by the addition of lactic acid bacteria.

sour grapes
singular noun hostility, disdain, etc towards something or someone, especially when it is motivated by envy, resentment, etc He says he wouldn't have taken the job anyway, but that's just sour grapes .

sour mash
noun , US
1 brewing mash (noun 2) that has old mash added to it in order to increase acidity and promote fermentation.
2 chiefly US whiskey that has been distilled from this.

source pronunciación
1 the place, thing, person, circumstance, etc that something begins or develops from; the origin.
2 a spring or place where a river or stream begins.
3 a a person, a book or other document that can be used to provide information, evidence, etc;
b someone or something that acts as an inspiration, model, standard, etc, especially in the realms of creativity.
verb (sourced , sourcing )
1 to acknowledge or mention as a source.
2 to originate in someone or something.
3 to obtain (from a particular source).
[14c: from French sors , from Latin surgere to rise]
sourcing noun .
at source at the point of origin.

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