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soup pronunciación
1 a liquid food that is made by boiling meat, vegetables, grains, etc together in a stock or in water.
2 a anything resembling soup, eg a thick liquid mixture;
b a dense enveloping fog. See also pea-souper;
c a rich mixture of organic material that is supposed to have once covered the earth and from which life is believed to have emerged. Also called primordial soup.
3 colloq, photog the fluid that contains the chemicals for developing film.
4 US colloq nitroglycerine.
verb (souped , souping ) (usu soup up) colloq to make changes to a vehicle or its engine in order to increase its speed or power.
[16c: from French soupe broth]
soupy adjective .
in the soup slang in trouble or difficulty.

soup kitchen
noun a place where free or very cheap food is supplied to people in need.

soup run
noun a regular journey by charity workers to a place where they can supply hot food and drinks to the needy.

noun , often humorous the slightest amount; a hint or dash.
[18c: French, meaning -suspicion-]

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