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sound effects
plural noun artificially produced sounds that are used in film, broadcasting, theatre, etc.

noun a short memorable phrase used by a public figure when being interviewed on TV or radio.

noun the hollow body of a violin, guitar, etc.

noun , comput a printed circuit board that can be added to a computer to provide or enhance sound effects.

noun the testing of sound equipment on stage before a concert.
verb , intr to carry out a soundcheck.

sounding pronunciación
a the act or process of measuring depth, especially of the sea, eg by using echo;
b an instance of doing this;
c (soundings) measurements that are taken or recorded when doing this.
2 (soundings) an area of sea in which a line with a plummet at the end ( sounding line) will reach the bottom.
3 (usu soundings) a sampling of opinions or (eg voting) intentions.

sounding board
1 (also soundboard) a thin board or piece of wood in a musical instrument such as a piano or violin that strengthens or amplifies the sound of the strings which pass over it.
2 a board over a stage or pulpit that is designed to direct the speaker's voice towards the audience.
3 a a means of testing the acceptability or popularity of ideas or opinions;
b someone or a group that is used for this purpose.

a the recorded sound that accompanies a motion picture;
b the band of magnetic tape that runs along the edge of a cinematographic film and which has the sound recorded on it.
2 a recording of the music from a film, broadcast, etc.


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