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1 a kind, type or class.
2 colloq a person not a bad sort .
3 comput the arranging of data or the product of this.
verb (sorted , sorting )
1 to arrange into different groups according to some specified criterion.
2 colloq to fix something or put it back into working order tried to sort the car himself .
3 colloq to deal with something, especially violently as a punishment.
[13c: French, from Latin sors , sortis a lot, from sortiri to divide or obtain by lots]
sortable adjective .
sorter noun .
sorting noun , adjective .
a sort of?a thing like a? a cafetière ? you know, a sort of pot for making coffee .
nothing of the sort no such thing I did nothing of the sort .
of a sort or of sorts of an inferior or untypical kind an author of a sort .
out of sorts colloq
1 slightly unwell.
2 peevish; bad-tempered.
sort of colloq rather; in a way; to a certain extent feeling sort of embarrassed .
sort someone out
1 colloq to deal with them firmly and decisively and sometimes violently.
2 to put them right A good night's sleep will soon sort you out .
sort something out
1 to separate things out from a mixed collection into a group or groups according to their kind.
2 to put things into order; to arrange them systematically or methodically sort out your priorities .
3 to resolve it.

sort Like kind, sort gives rise to a usage difficulty when it is followed by of with a plural noun and needs to be preceded by a demonstrative pronoun this, that, these, those. The grammatical sequences in use are as follows: ?These sort of things sometimes come as a surprise. ? I was beginning to think about university and that sort of thing. ? Those sorts of factors (or factor) will always apply. The first is sometimes rejected by language purists, but it is common, especially in speech. Recommendation: to avoid difficulty, use this sort of + singular noun, or these sorts of + singular or plural noun.

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