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soldier pronunciación
1 a member of a fighting force, especially a national army.
2 a member of an army below officer rank.
3 someone of military skill.
4 a diligent worker for a cause.
5 an ant or white ant with strong jaws specially adapted for fighting.
6 any of various kinds of scarlet, pugnacious or armoured animals, eg beetle, fish, etc.
7 colloq (soldiers) narrow strips of bread-and-butter or toast, especially for dipping into a soft-boiled egg.
8 building a brick laid upright in a wall.
verb (soldiered , soldiering ) intr to serve as a soldier.
[13c: from French soudier , from soude pay, from Latin solidus a piece of money, the pay of a soldier]
soldierly adjective .
soldier on to continue determinedly in spite of difficulty and discouragement.

soldier of fortune
noun someone willing to serve in any army that pays them; a mercenary.

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