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Lengua inglesa
soft pronunciación
1 easily yielding or changing shape when pressed; pliable or malleable.
2 easily yielding to pressure.
3 easily cut.
4 said of fabric, etc: having a smooth surface or texture producing little or no friction.
5 pleasing or soothing to the senses; quiet a soft voice .
6 having little brightness; not glaring or brash soft colours .
7 kind or sympathetic, especially excessively so.
8 not able to endure rough treatment or hardship.
9 lacking strength of character; easily influenced.
10 colloq weak in the mind; simple soft in the head .
11 stupid or naive; weak Don't be soft!
12 said of a person: out of training; in an unfit condition.
13 weakly sentimental.
14 mineralogy easily scratched.
15 said of water: low in or free from mineral salts and so lathering easily.
16 said of coal: bituminous.
17 tender; loving or affectionate soft words .
18 colloq requiring little effort; easy a soft job .
19 said of diet: consisting of semi-liquid and easily-digestible foods.
20 said of drugs: not severely addictive.
21 soft-core.
22 with moderate rather than hardline or extreme policies the soft left .
23 phonetics , non-technical said of the consonants c and g : pronounced as a fricative as in dance and age respectively, rather than as a stop, as in can and gate .
24 finance
a said of prices, markets, etc: inclined to drop in value;
b said of currency: not in great demand, usually due to a weakness in the balance of payments system.
25 said of radiation: having short wavelengths and therefore not highly penetrating.
adverb softly; gently speaks soft .
[Anglo-Saxon softe ]
softly adverb .
softness noun .
be or go soft on someone colloq
1 to be lenient towards them.
2 to be infatuated with them.
soft spot see separate entry.

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