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SO pronunciación
1 IVR Somalia.
2 standing order.

so pronunciación 1
1 to such an extent so expensive that nobody buys it .
2 to this, that, or the same extent; as This one is lovely, but that one is not so nice .
3 extremely She is so talented!
4 in that state or condition promised to be faithful, and has remained so .
5 also; likewise She's my friend and so are you .
6 used to avoid repeating a previous statement You've to take your medicine because I said so .
7 colloq used to add vehemence to a statement I am so not going to his stupid party!
1 therefore; thereafter He insulted me, so I hit him .
2 (also so that?) in order that? Lend me the book, so that I can read it Give me more time so I can finish it .
adjective the case; true You think I'm mad, but it isn't so .
interjection used to express discovery So, that's what you've been doing!
[Anglo-Saxon swa ]
and so on or and so forth or and so on and so forth and more of the same; continuing in the same way.
just so neatly, precisely or perfectly with her hair arranged just so .
or so approximately five or so days ago .
quite so exactly right; just as you have said.
so as to?in order to?; in such a way as to?.
so be it used to express acceptance or resignation.
so far to that, or to such an, extent or degree I haven't managed to do any work so far .
so far so good everything is fine up to this point.
so much or many
1 such a lot so much work to do!
2 a number of politicians squabbling like so many children .
so much for?nothing has come of?; that has disposed of or ruined? So much for all our plans!
so much so to such an extent (that).
so so moderate; average How are you feeling? Oh, so so .
so to speak or to say used as an apology for an unfamiliar or slightly inappropriate expression.
so what? colloq that is of no importance or consequence at all.
very much so to a great extent; used as a vehement affirmative.

so pronunciación 2 see soh

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