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smart pronunciación
1 neat, trim and well-dressed.
2 clever; witty; astute or shrewd.
3 expensive, sophisticated and fashionable a smart hotel .
4 quick, adept and efficient in business.
5 said of pain, etc: sharp and stinging.
6 brisk He walked at a smart pace .
7 comput technologically advanced.
8 computer-guided or electronically controlled a smart bomb .
9 colloq impressive; excellent.
verb (smarted , smarting ) intr
1 to feel or be the cause of a sharp stinging pain My eyes smart if I use eyeshadow .
2 to feel or be the cause of acute irritation or distress He's still smarting from her rebuke .
3 (often smart for something) to suffer harsh consequences or punishment for it.
noun sharp stinging pain.
adverb in a smart manner.
[Anglo-Saxon smeortan ]
smartly adverb .
smartness noun .
look smart to hurry up.

smart alec or smart aleck colloq
noun a person who thinks that they are cleverer than others; an irritating know-all.
smart-alecky adjective .

smart card
noun a plastic card like a bank card, fitted with a microprocessor (including a memory) instead of a magnetic strip, used in commercial transactions, telecommunications, etc.

smartarse or smartass
noun , derog slang a smart alec.

smarten pronunciación
verb (smartened , smartening ) tr & intr (usu smarten up) to make or become smarter; to brighten up You need to smarten your appearance He should smarten up a bit .

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