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small capitals
plural noun , printing capital letters that are the same height as lower-case letters.

small change
1 coins of little value.
2 someone or something of little significance or importance.

small claims
plural noun , law claims for small amounts of money (in England and Wales up to £5000, in Northern Ireland up to £2000, in Scotland up to £750) that can be dealt with through a simpler legal procedure than larger claims.

small fry
singular or plural noun , colloq
1 a person or thing, or people or things, of little importance or influence.
2 young or small children or animals.

small hours
plural noun (the small hours) the hours immediately after midnight.

small intestine
noun , anat in mammals: the part of the intestine comprising the duodenum, jejunum and ileum.

small print
noun the details of a contract or other undertaking, often printed very small, especially when containing unattractive conditions.

small slam see little slam

small talk
noun polite conversation about trivial matters.

adjective narrow-minded; petty.
small-mindedly adverb .
small-mindedness noun .

1 said of maps, models, etc: representing a large area or original without giving fine detail.
2 said of enterprises, etc: small in size, scope, etc.

adjective unimportant or insignificant.

noun an area of cultivated land smaller than an ordinary farm.
smallholder noun .

smallpox pronunciación
noun , pathol a highly contagious viral disease, characterized by fever and a rash that usually leaves permanent pitted scars (pocks) on the skin.


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