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verb (smacked , smacking )
1 to slap loudly and smartly, especially with the hand.
2 tr & intr , colloq to hit loudly and heavily Her head smacked against the wall .
3 to kiss loudly and noisily.
4 to part (the lips) loudly, with relish or in pleasant anticipation She smacked her lips at the thought of the meal .
1 an act, or the sound, of smacking.
2 a loud enthusiastic kiss.
adverb , colloq
1 directly and with force He drove smack into the tree .
2 precisely smack in the middle .
[16c: from Dutch smacken ]
smacking noun , adjective .

verb , intr (always smack of something)
1 to have the flavour of it.
2 to have a trace or suggestion of it.
1 taste; distinctive flavour.
2 a hint or trace.
[Anglo-Saxon smæc ]

1 a small single-masted fishing boat.
2 US a fishing vessel equipped with a tank in which fish can be kept alive.
[17c: from Dutch smak ]

noun , slang heroin.
[1960s: from Yiddish schmeck sniff]

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