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verb (slopped , slopping )
1 (often slop about or around) tr & intr to splash or cause to splash or spill violently.
2 intr to walk carelessly in slush or water.
1 spilled liquid; a puddle.
2 (slops) unappetizing watery food.
3 (slops) waste food.
4 (slops) semi-liquid food fed to pigs.
5 (slops) urine and excrement.
6 gushy sentiment.
[Anglo-Saxon cusloppe cow dung]
slop about or around colloq to move or behave in an untidy or slovenly manner.
slop out said of prisoners: to empty slops (see slop1, noun 5).

1 (slops) poor quality ready-made clothing.
2 (slops) clothes and bedding issued to sailors.
3 a loose-fitting garment, eg a smock.
[Anglo-Saxon oferslop a loose outer garment]

slope pronunciación
1 a slanting surface; an incline.
2 a position or direction that is neither level nor upright; an upward or downward slant.
verb (sloped , sloping ) intr
1 to rise or fall at an angle.
2 to be slanted or inclined.
[Anglo-Saxon aslupan to slip away]
sloping or slopy adjective .
slope arms to place or hold a rifle on the shoulder with the barrel sloping back and up.
slope off colloq to leave stealthily or furtively.

adjective (sloppier , sloppiest )
1 wet or muddy.
2 watery.
3 over-sentimental.
4 inaccurate or careless; shoddy.
5 said of clothes: baggy; loose-fitting.
sloppily adverb .
sloppiness noun .

sloppy joe
noun a long loose sweater.

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