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sleep pronunciación
1 a readily reversible state of natural unconsciousness during which the body's functional powers are restored, and physical movements are minimal.
2 a period of such rest.
3 colloq mucus that collects in the corners of the eyes during such rest.
4 poetic death.
verb (slept , sleeping ) usu intr
1 to rest in a state of sleep.
2 to be motionless, inactive or dormant.
3 (sleep with someone) to have sexual relations with them.
4 tr to provide or contain sleeping accommodation for (the specified number) The caravan sleeps four .
5 colloq to be in a dreamy state, not paying attention, etc.
6 poetic to be dead.
[Anglo-Saxon slæp ]
go to sleep
1 to pass into a state of sleep.
2 colloq said of a limb: to be temporarily numb through lack of blood circulation.
lose sleep over something colloq, usu with negatives to be worried or preoccupied by it.
put someone or something to sleep
1 to anaesthetize them.
2 euphem to kill (an animal) painlessly with an injected drug.
sleep on it to delay taking a decision about something until the following morning.
sleep around to engage in casual sexual relations.
sleep in
1 to sleep later than usual in the morning.
2 to sleep overnight at one's place of work; to live in.
sleep something off to recover from it by sleeping.
sleep out
1 to sleep out of doors.
2 to sleep away from one's place of work; to live out.

sleep mode
noun , comput the facility of temporarily restricting electrical power in a computer to those parts that are needed to restore it to full operation, so that it can be left switched on when not in use.

sleeper pronunciación
1 someone who sleeps, especially in a specified way a light sleeper a heavy sleeper .
2 any of the horizontal wooden or concrete beams supporting the rails on a railway track.
3 a a railway carriage providing sleeping accommodation for passengers;
b a train with such carriages took the sleeper to London .
4 colloq a record, film, book, etc, which becomes popular after an initial period of uninterest.
5 a spy who spends a long time performing the role of an inoffensive citizen, usually in a foreign country, preparing for the time they will be required to pass on information.
6 a small gold hoop or stud worn in a pierced ear to prevent the hole from closing up.

sleeping bag
noun a large quilted sack for sleeping in when camping, etc.

sleeping car, sleeping carriage or sleeping coach
noun a railway carriage fitted with sleeping compartments.

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