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slap pronunciación
1 a blow with the palm of the hand or anything flat.
2 the sound made by such a blow, or by the impact of one flat surface with another.
3 colloq make-up.
verb (slapped , slapping )
1 to strike with the open hand or anything flat.
2 to bring or send with a slapping sound He slapped the newspaper down on the table .
3 (often slap something on) colloq to apply thickly and carelessly She quickly slapped make-up on her face .
4 (often slap someone down) colloq to reject or contradict them abruptly; to rebuke them.
adverb , colloq
1 exactly or precisely slap in the middle .
2 heavily or suddenly; with a slap He fell slap on his face .
[17c: from German dialect slapp ]
a slap in the face colloq an insult or rebuff.
a slap on the back colloq congratulations.
a slap on the wrist colloq, often facetious a mild reprimand.

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