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skin pronunciación
1 the natural outer covering of the human or animal body.
2 an animal hide, with or without the fur or hair attached.
3 the outer covering of certain fruits and vegetables.
4 any outer covering or integument sausage skin .
5 complexion greasy skin .
6 a semi-solid coating or film on the surface of a liquid.
7 a container for liquids made from an animal hide.
8 the outer covering of a craft, eg aircraft.
9 (usu skins) colloq, jazz drums.
10 slang a skinhead.
11 slang a cigarette paper for making a joint ( noun 5).
verb (skinned , skinning )
1 to remove or strip the skin from something.
2 to injure by scraping the skin He skinned his elbow when he fell .
3 slang to cheat or swindle.
4 intr (often skin over) said of a wound, etc: to become covered with skin.
[12c: from Norse skinn ]
by the skin of one's teeth very narrowly; only just.
get under someone's skin colloq
1 to greatly annoy and irritate them.
2 to become their consuming passion or obsession.
no skin off one's nose colloq not a cause of even slight concern or nuisance to one.
save one's or someone's skin see under save.
skin someone alive to severely reprimand them.
skin up to prepare and roll a cigarette that contains an illegal substance, especially cannabis or cocaine.

skin diving
noun underwater swimming with breathing equipment carried on the back, but with no wet suit and no connection to a boat.
skin diver noun .

skin flick
noun , slang a pornographic film.

skin graft
noun , surgery the transplantation of a piece of skin from one part of the body to another where there has been an injury, especially a burn.

skin test
noun a test for an allergy, immunity to disease, etc. made by applying a small amount of a substance to, or introducing a substance beneath, a person's skin.

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