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Lengua inglesa
sixth pronunciación (often written 6th)
1 in counting:
a next after fifth;
b last of six.
2 in sixth position.
3 being one of six equal parts a sixth share .
1 one of six equal parts.
2 a fraction equal to one divided by six (usually written 1/6).
3 a person coming sixth, eg in a race She came in a weary but contented sixth .
4 (the sixth)
a the sixth day of the month;
b golf the sixth hole.
5 music
a the interval between two notes that are six notes apart (counting both the first and the last) on the diatonic scale;
b a note at that interval from another, or a combination of two notes separated by that interval.
adverb sixthly.
[Anglo-Saxon; see six + -th1]
sixthly adverb .

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