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noun , colloq short for situation comedy.

1 the place where something is situated the site of the museum the site of the rebellion .
2 an area set aside for a specific activity a camping site .
3 a website.
verb (sited , siting ) to position or situate.
[14c: from Latin situs position]

Sitka spruce
noun , bot an evergreen coniferous tree, native to N temperate regions, widely cultivated for its timber and as an ornamental tree.

1 a person or animal that sits.
2 a person who poses for an artist or photographer.
3 a babysitter.
4 in compounds a person who looks after a house, pet, etc in the absence of its owner flat sitter cat sitter .
5 colloq an easy shot or catch He missed a sitter .
6 colloq any easy task or activity.
7 colloq an easy target for crime or deception.
8 a bird which sits on eggs to hatch them.

sitting pronunciación
verb , present participle of sit.
1 the act or state of being seated.
2 a period of continuous activity, usually while sitting He wrote it at one sitting .
3 a turn to eat for any of two or more sections of a group too large to eat all at the same time, or the period set aside for each turn.
4 a period of posing for an artist or photographer.
5 a session or meeting of an official body.
6 brooding on eggs.
7 a clutch of eggs.
1 currently holding office He's the sitting MP .
2 seated in a sitting position .
3 for people to sit in There's not enough sitting space .
4 brooding.

sitting duck or sitting target
noun an easy target or victim.

sitting room
noun a room, especially in a private house, for relaxing in, entertaining visitors, etc.

sitting tenant
noun , Brit a tenant occupying a property, especially when it changes ownership.

situate pronunciación
verb (situated , situating ) to place in a certain position, context or set of circumstances.
adjective esp law situated.
[16c: from Latin situatus , from situare to position, from situs site]
situated adjective in a particular position, setting or set of circumstances.

situation pronunciación
1 a set of circumstances or state of affairs.
2 a place, position or location.
3 a job; employment situations vacant .
4 a critical point in the action of a play or in the plot of a novel.
situational adjective .

situation comedy
noun a radio or TV comedy, often broadcast as a series of episodes in which the same characters appear, and which depends for its humour on the behaviour of the characters in particular, sometimes contrived, situations. Often shortened to sitcom.

situation ethics
singular noun , philos ethics based on the principle that what is good or right and what is bad or wrong may vary depending on the circumstances.

noun the theory that behaviour is determined by surrounding situations rather than personal qualities.
situationist noun , adjective .


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