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sit pronunciación
verb (sat , sitting )
1 intr to rest the body on the buttocks, with the upper body more or less vertical.
2 intr said of an animal: to position itself on its hindquarters in a similar manner.
3 intr said of a bird: to perch.
4 intr said of a bird: to brood.
5 intr said of an object: to lie, rest or hang There are a few cups sitting on the shelf The jacket sits nicely round your shoulders .
6 intr to lie unused I've got all my tools sitting in the shed .
7 intr to hold a meeting or other session The court sits tomorrow .
8 intr to be a member, taking regular part in meetings sit on a committee .
9 intr to have a seat, as in parliament.
10 intr to reside.
11 intr to be a tenant.
12 intr to have a specific position The TV sits on this stand .
13 intr to be located or situated The TV sits in the corner .
14 intr said of the wind: to have a direction The wind sits south .
15 to take (an examination); to be a candidate for (a degree or other award) I'm sitting my first exam tomorrow .
16 to conduct to a seat; to assign a seat to someone They sat me next to him .
17 intr to be or exist in a specified comparison or relation His smoking sits awkwardly with his being a doctor .
18 intr to pose as an artist's or photographer's model.
[Anglo-Saxon sittan ]
be sitting pretty colloq to be in a very advantageous position.
sit on the fence see under fence.
sit tight
1 to maintain one's position and opinion determinedly.
2 to wait patiently.
sit back to observe rather than take an active part, especially when action is needed He's just happy to sit back and let everyone else make the effort .
sit down or sit someone down to take, or make them take, a sitting position.
sit down under something to submit meekly to (an insult, etc).
sit in for someone to act as a substitute for them.
sit in on something to be present at it as a visitor or observer, especially without participating.
sit on someone colloq to force them to say or do nothing; to repress them.
sit on something
1 to be a member of it I sit on the committee for the sports centre .
2 colloq to delay taking action over it.
3 colloq to keep it secret; to suppress it.
sit something out
1 to stay until the end of it.
2 to take no part, especially in a dance or game.
sit up
1 to move oneself from a slouching or lying position into an upright sitting position.
2 to remain out of bed longer than usual I sat up late writing my essay .
3 to take notice suddenly or show a sudden interest.

noun , colloq a short rest in a seated position.
1 said of a meal: for which the diners are seated.
2 said of a strike: in which the workers occupy the workplace.

noun the occupation of a public building, factory, etc as a form of protest or as a means of applying pressure.
as adjective a sit-in protest .

noun a physical exercise in which the head and torso are raised from a lying position while the legs remain still.

sitar ,
noun an Indian plucked stringed instrument with a long neck and rounded body.
[19c: Hindi]

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