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sign pronunciación
1 a printed mark with a meaning; a symbol a multiplication sign .
2 maths an indication of positive or negative value the minus sign .
3 a gesture expressing a meaning; a signal.
4 an indication signs of improvement .
5 a portent or omen; a miraculous token.
6 a board or panel displaying information for public view.
7 a board or panel displaying a shopkeeper's name, trade, etc.
8 a device or symbol indicating an inn, shop, etc.
9 med any external evidence or indication of disease, perceptible to an examining doctor, etc.
10 a trail or track of a wild animal, perceptible to a tracker.
11 a trace or evidence of the presence of someone or something There's been no sign of him since he was seen boarding the train on Wednesday .
12 astrol any of the twelve parts of the zodiac, bearing the name of, but not coincident with, a constellation. See table in the Supplement to this book.
verb (signed , signing )
1 tr & intr to give a signal or indication.
2 to write a signature on something; to confirm one's assent to something with a signature sign a cheque .
3 to write (one's name) as a signature Sign here, please .
4 tr & intr to employ or become employed with the signing of a contract Stoke City have signed a new player He has signed for another team .
5 tr & intr to communicate using sign language.
[13c: from French signe , from Latin signum ]
signer noun .
sign something away to give it away or transfer it by signing a legally binding document.
sign in or out to record one's arrival or departure, eg at work, by signing one's name.
sign someone in to allow someone, usually a non-member, official entry to enter a club, society, etc by signing one's name.
sign off
1 to bring a broadcast to an end.
2 to remove oneself from the register of unemployed people.
3 to stop work, etc.
4 bridge to indicate that one does not intend to bid further.
sign someone off to state that they are unfit to work.
sign on colloq
1 to register as unemployed.
2 to return fortnightly to an unemployment office to sign one's name as a formal declaration that one is still unemployed.
sign someone on to engage them, eg for work.
sign up
1 to enrol with an organization, especially the army.
2 to enrol for a task, outing, etc by signing a list.
3 to engage oneself for work by signing a contract.
sign someone up to engage them for work by signing a contract.

sign language
noun any form of communication using gestures, especially a system of hand gestures used by deaf people.

sign of the cross
noun a Christian gesture of tracing the form of a cross as an invocation of God's grace.

1 a message in the form of a gesture, light, sound, etc, conveying information or indicating the time for action.
2 (signals) the apparatus used to send such a message, eg coloured lights or movable arms or poles on a railway network.
3 an event marking the moment for action to be taken Their arrival was a signal for the party to begin .
4 any set of transmitted electrical impulses received as a sound or image, eg in television; the message conveyed by them.
5 cards a piece of play intended to convey information to one's partner.
verb (signalled , signalling ; US signaled , signaling )
1 tr & intr to transmit or convey (a message) using signals.
2 to indicate.
adjective notable a signal triumph .
[14c: French, from Latin signum ]
signally adverb notably .

signal box
noun the cabin from which signals on a railway line are controlled.

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