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sight pronunciación
1 the power or faculty of seeing; vision.
2 a thing or object seen; view or spectacle It's a lovely sight .
3 someone's field of view or vision, or the opportunity to see things that this provides within sight out of sight .
4 (usu sights) places, buildings, etc that are particularly interesting or worth seeing see the sights of the city .
5 a device on a firearm through or along which one looks to take aim.
6 a similar device used as a guide to the eye on an optical or other instrument.
7 opinion or judgement; estimation In his sight he was just a failure .
8 colloq a person or thing unpleasant or odd to look at He looked a sight without his teeth in .
verb (sighted , sighting )
1 to catch sight of someone or something She was sighted there at around midnight .
2 to adjust the sight of (a firearm).
3 to aim (a firearm) using the sight.
[Anglo-Saxon sihth ]
a sight colloq very many; a great deal She may not be good, but she's a sight better than you!
a sight for sore eyes a very welcome sight.
a sight more colloq a great deal or great many more A sight more people than expected turned up .
at or on sight
1 as soon as seen.
2 without previous view or study.
catch sight of someone or something to begin to see or get a glimpse of them or it.
know someone or something by sight to recognize them only by their appearance.
lose sight of something or someone
1 to no longer be able to see them or it.
2 to fail to keep them in mind; to lose touch with them.
set one's sights on something to decide on it as an ambition or aim.
sight unseen without having seen the object in question beforehand I'd never buy a house sight unseen .

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