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siege pronunciación
1 the act or process of surrounding a fort or town with troops, cutting off its supplies and subjecting it to persistent attack with the intention of forcing its surrender.
2 a police operation using similar tactics, eg to force a criminal out of a building.
[13c: from French sege , from Latin sedes seat]
lay siege to a place to subject it to a siege.

noun (abbreviation S) the SI unit of conductance, the reciprocal of ohm.
[1930s: named after Werner von Siemens (1816?92), German electrical engineer]

sienna pronunciación
1 a pigment obtained from a type of earth with a high clay and iron content.
2 the yellowish-brown colour of this pigment in its original state (also called raw sienna).
3 the reddish-brown colour of this pigment when roasted (also called burnt sienna).
[18c: named after Siena in Italy]

noun (sierras )
1 especially in Spanish-speaking countries and the US: a mountain range.
2 (Sierra) communications in the NATO alphabet: the word used to denote the letter -S- (see table in the Supplement to this book).
[17c: Spanish, meaning -a saw-]

noun (siestas ) in hot countries: a midday sleep or rest.
[17c: Spanish, from Latin sexta (hora) sixth (hour)]

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