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side pronunciación
1 any of the surfaces that form the outer extent of something; any of these surfaces other than the front, back, top or bottom.
2 an edge or border, or the area adjoining this My car's at the side of the road .
3 either of the parts or areas produced when the whole is divided up the middle I'll take the left side of the room .
4 the part of the body between the armpit and hip He's got a pain in his side .
5 the area of space next to someone or something He's round the side of the house He stayed by my side the whole evening .
6 half of a carcass divided along the medial plane a side of beef .
7 either of the broad surfaces of a flat or flattish object two sides of a coin .
8 any of the lines forming a geometric figure.
9 any of the groups or teams, or opposing positions, in a conflict or competition.
10 an aspect We've seen a different side to him .
11 the slope of a hill.
12 the wall of a vessel, container or cavity.
13 a part of an area of land; district I live in the north side of the town .
14 the father's or mother's family or ancestors She's related to him on her mother's side .
15 a page My essay covered five sides .
16 either of the two playing surfaces of a record or cassette.
17 in billiards, snooker, etc: spin given to a ball causing it to swerve and regulating its angle of rebound. Also called sidespin.
18 slang a pretentious or superior air.
1 located at the side side entrance .
2 subsidiary or subordinate sideroad .
verb (sided , siding ) (usu side with someone) to take on their position or point of view; to join forces with them.
sided adjective , in compounds having a specified number of sides one-sided argument a three-sided shape .
bit on the side see separate entry.
let the side down to fail one's colleagues or associates, or frustrate their efforts, by falling below their standards.
on or to one side removed to a position away from the main concern; put aside.
on the side in addition to or apart from ordinary occupation or income, often dishonest or illegal.
on the?side colloq rather?; of a?nature I found his comments a bit on the offensive side I thought his speech was a bit on the long side .
put on side to assume or take on pretentious airs.
side by side
1 close together.
2 with sides touching.
take sides to support one particular side in a conflict, argument or dispute.
this side of? between here or now and?; short of? I doubt I'll see him this side of Tuesday .

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