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Lengua inglesa
sick pronunciación
1 vomiting; feeling the need to vomit.
2 ill; unwell.
3 referring or relating to ill health sick pay .
4 (often sick for someone or something) pining or longing for them or it.
5 (often sick at or of someone or something) extremely annoyed; disgusted I'm sick of your attitude .
6 (often sick of someone or something) thoroughly weary or fed up with them or it.
7 mentally deranged.
8 said of humour, comedy, jokes, etc: exploiting gruesome and morbid subjects in an unpleasant way.
9 colloq inadequate in comparison makes my effort look a bit sick .
10 very disappointed.
noun , colloq vomit.
verb (sicked , sicking ) tr & intr (usu sick up) to vomit.
[Anglo-Saxon seoc ]
make someone sick colloq to disgust or upset them.
sick and tired, sick of the sight or sick to death of someone or something to be extremely weary of them.
sick as a dog colloq vomiting excessively and unrestrainedly.
sick as a parrot colloq extremely disappointed.
sick to one's stomach
1 nauseated; about to vomit.
2 upset; disgusted.

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