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noun an act or performance that is very well received by the audience.
show-stopping adjective .

noun , adjective , colloq show business.

noun a river boat, usually a paddle-steamer, serving as a travelling theatre.

showbread see under shewbread

showcase pronunciación
1 a glass case for displaying objects, especially in a museum or shop.
2 any setting in which someone or something is displayed to good advantage.
verb to display or exhibit.

noun , colloq a confrontation or fight by which a long-term dispute may be finally settled.

shower pronunciación
1 a sudden but short and usually light fall of rain, snow or hail.
2 a fall of drops of any liquid.
3 a sudden (especially heavy) burst or fall a shower of bullets a shower of abuse .
4 N Am
a an abundance or accession of wedding gifts, gifts for a baby, etc;
b N Am a party at which such gifts are presented.
5 a device that produces a spray of water for bathing under.
6 a room or cubicle fitted with such a device or devices.
7 an act or an instance of bathing under such a device.
8 physics a large number of fast particles that arise from a high-energy particle.
9 slang a detestable or worthless person or group of people.
verb (showered , showering )
1 tr & intr to cover, bestow, fall or come abundantly He showers her with gifts Arrows showered down from the battlements .
2 intr to bathe under a shower.
3 intr to rain in showers.
[Anglo-Saxon scur ]
showery adjective .

noun a young woman who performs in variety entertainments, usually as a dancer or singer.

showing pronunciación
1 an act of exhibiting or displaying.
2 a screening of a cinema film.
3 a performance.
4 a display of behaviour as evidence of a fact On this showing, he certainly won't get the job .

noun a competitive sport in which riders on horseback take turns to jump a variety of obstacles.
as adjective showjumping event .
showjumper noun .

1 someone who owns, exhibits or manages a show.
2 someone skilled in displaying things, especially personal abilities.
showmanship noun .

shown pronunciación past participle of show

1 an item on display; an exhibit.
2 an item presented as an excellent example of its type, to be copied or admired.

1 a place visited or shown as a sight.
2 a venue for shows and exhibitions.

noun a room where examples of goods for sale, especially large and expensive items, are displayed.

adjective (showier , showiest )
1 making an impressive or exciting display.
2 attractively and impressively bright.
3 ostentatious; gaudy; flashy.
showily adverb .
showiness noun .


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