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show pronunciación
verb (past tense showed , past participle shown or showed , present participle showing )
1 tr & intr to make or become visible, known or noticeable Does my embarrassment show?
2 to present to view.
3 to display or exhibit.
4 to prove, indicate or reveal.
5 to teach by demonstrating She showed me how to draw .
6 (often show someone in, out, over, round, up, etc ) to lead, guide or escort them I'll show you to the door .
7 to give Show him some respect .
8 to represent or manifest The exam results show a marked improvement .
9 intr said of a cinema film, theatre production, etc: to be part of a current programme The Godfather is showing at the local Odeon .
10 intr , slang to appear or arrive What time did he show?
1 an act of showing.
2 any form of entertainment or spectacle.
3 an exhibition.
4 a pretence a show of friendship .
5 a sign or indication.
6 a display of feeling.
7 colloq proceedings; affair.
8 old use, colloq effort; attempt jolly good show .
9 med in childbirth: a small discharge of blood and mucus at the start of labour.
[Anglo-Saxon sceawian to look]
a show of hands see under hand.
for show for the sake of outward appearances; for effect.
give the show away to let out or reveal a secret.
have something or nothing to show to have, or not to have, a reward or benefit for one's efforts.
on show on display; available to be seen.
run the show colloq to be in charge; to take over or dominate.
steal the show see under steal.
show off
1 to display oneself or one's talents precociously, to invite attention or admiration.
2 to behave in an ostentatious manner. See also show-off.
show something off
1 to display it proudly, inviting admiration.
2 to display it to good effect The cream rug shows off the red carpet nicely .
show up
1 colloq to arrive; to turn up.
2 to be clearly visible.
show someone up to embarrass or humiliate them in public.
show something up to make it appear inadequate or inferior by comparison.

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