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shot pronunciación 1
1 an act of shooting or firing a gun.
2 the sound of a gun being fired.
3 mining an explosive charge or blast.
4 small metal pellets collectively, fired in clusters from a shotgun.
5 a cannonball.
6 a single piece of filmed action recorded without a break by one camera.
7 a photographic exposure.
8 the range or extent of a camera out of shot .
9 a person considered in terms of their ability to fire a gun accurately a good shot .
10 sport an act or instance of shooting or playing a stroke eg in tennis, snooker, etc.
11 athletics a heavy metal ball thrown in the shot put.
12 colloq an attempt I'll have a shot at it .
13 colloq a spell or stint.
14 colloq a turn or go It's my shot next .
15 colloq a guess Have a shot at the answer .
16 an aggressive remark.
17 colloq an injection.
18 a the flight of a missile;
b the distance it travels.
19 a reach or range.
20 colloq a small drink of alcoholic spirit; a dram.
21 the launch of a spacecraft, especially a rocket moon shot .
[Anglo-Saxon sceot ]
call the shots see under call.
like a shot extremely quickly or without hesitation; eagerly or willingly.

También tienes: sot
shot pronunciación 2
1 said of a fabric: woven with different-coloured threads in the warp and weft so that movement produces the effect of changing colours shot silk .
2 streaked with a different colour.
3 ruined; exhausted.
verb , past tense , past participle of shoot.
be or get shot of someone or something colloq to be rid of them.

También tienes: sot
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