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short pronunciación
1 having little physical length; not long.
2 having little height.
3 having little extent or duration; brief; concise short day .
4 in the early future short date .
5 indicating a seemingly short length of time For a few short weeks we could enjoy our time together .
6 said of a temper: quickly and easily lost.
7 rudely abrupt; curt She was very short with him .
8 said of the memory: tending not to retain things for long.
9 said of a substance, especially food: brittle.
10 said of pastry: crisp and crumbling easily.
11 failing to reach the standard; not going far enough.
12 lacking (in); deficient We are two tickets short .
13 in default.
14 referring to the sale of what one cannot supply.
15 phonetics said of a vowel sound: being the briefer of two possible lengths of vowel.
16 poetry said of a syllable: unaccented.
17 colloq said of an alcoholic drink, especially a spirit: not diluted with water; neat.
18 lacking in money I'm a bit short at the moment .
19 cricket
a said of fielding positions: relatively close to the batsman;
b said of a bowled ball: bouncing a good distance in front of the batsman.
20 said of betting odds: providing the winner with only a small profit; near even.
1 abruptly; briefly stopped short .
2 on this or the near side The dart fell short of the board .
1 something that is short.
2 shortness; abbreviation or summary.
3 colloq a drink of an alcoholic spirit.
4 a short cinema film shown before the main feature film.
5 a short circuit.
verb (shorted , shorting ) tr & intr to cause or undergo a short circuit.
[Anglo-Saxon sceort ]
shortness noun .
be caught or taken short colloq to have an urgent need to urinate or defecate.
cut someone or something short see under cut.
fall short see under fall.
for short as an abbreviated form She gets called Jenny for short .
go or run short of something not to have enough of it; to have an insufficient supply of it We're running short of milk .
in short concisely stated; in a few words.
in short order very quickly.
in short supply not available in the required or desired quantity; scarce Good managers are in short supply .
in the short run within a short space of time; over a brief period.
make short work of someone or something to settle or dispose of quickly and thoroughly I made short work of the essay .
short and sweet colloq agreeably brief.
short for something an abbreviated form of it Jenny is short for Jennifer .
short of something without going as far as it; except it We tried every kind of persuasion short of threats .
short of or on something deficient; lacking in it We're always short of money She's a bit short on tact .
stop short to come to an abrupt halt or standstill.

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