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verb (shifted , shifting )
1 tr & intr to change the position or direction of something; to change position or direction.
2 to transfer, switch or redirect shift the blame onto someone else .
3 in a vehicle: to change (gear).
4 to remove or dislodge someone or something Nothing will shift that mark .
5 slang to swallow or consume.
6 intr , colloq to move quickly.
7 intr (also shift about)
a to fluctuate; to move from side to side;
b to turn right round to the opposite point.
8 to take appropriate or urgent action.
9 to quit one thing for another shift ideas .
10 intr to manage or get along; to do as one can.
11 intr (usu shift up or down) to change gear in a motor vehicle.
1 a change, or change of position.
2 one of a set of consecutive periods into which a 24-hour working day is divided.
3 the group of workers on duty during any one of these periods.
4 a useful way of proceeding or dealing with something; an expedient.
5 a trick or other underhand scheme.
6 comput displacement of an ordered set of data to the left or right.
7 a general displacement of a series (as of lines in a spectrum, consonant or vowel sounds, faulted strata).
8 music in string instruments: a change in position of the left hand on the fingerboard.
9 a smock or loose dress, roughly oblong or triangular in shape.
10 hist a woman's long undergarment.
[Anglo-Saxon sciftan to divide, from Norse skipta ]
shift work noun work, or a system of working, in shifts.
shift for oneself formal to do without help from others; to depend on one's own resources.
shift one's ground to change the position or opinion one has taken, eg in a discussion.

También tienes: sift
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