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share pronunciación 1
1 a part allotted, contributed, or owned by each of several people or groups.
2 a portion, section or division.
3 (usu shares) the fixed units into which the total wealth of a business company is divided, ownership of which gives the right to receive a portion of the company's profits.
verb (shared , sharing )
1 to have in common We share several interests .
2 to use something with someone else We had to share a book in class .
3 (also share in something) to have joint possession or use of it, or joint responsibility for it, with another or others.
4 (often share something out) to divide it into portions and distribute it among several people or groups. See also share-out.
[Anglo-Saxon scearu ]
sharer noun .
go shares colloq to divide something.
lion's share see under lion.
share and share alike
1 give everyone their due share.
2 with or in equal shares.

share pronunciación 2
noun a ploughshare.
[Anglo-Saxon scear ]

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