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shake pronunciación
verb (past tense shook , past participle shaken , present participle shaking )
1 to move with quick, often forceful to-and-fro or up-and-down movements.
2 (also shake something up) to mix it in this way.
3 to wave violently and threateningly; to brandish He shook his fist at them .
4 tr & intr to tremble or make something or someone tremble, totter or shiver.
5 to cause intense shock to; to agitate profoundly the accident that shook the nation .
6 (also shake someone up) to disturb, unnerve or upset them greatly He was very shaken after the accident .
7 to make something or someone waver; to weaken The experience shook my confidence .
8 to shake off I can't shake this feeling of gloom .
9 intr to shake hands.
1 an act or the action of shaking.
2 colloq a very short while; a moment.
3 (the shakes) colloq a fit of uncontrollable trembling.
4 a milk shake.
5 music a trill.
6 a natural fissure formed in rock or growing timber.
[Anglo-Saxon sceacan ]
shakeable or shakable adjective .
no great shakes colloq not of great importance, ability or worth.
shake a leg colloq to hurry up or get moving.
shake hands or shake hands with someone
1 to greet them by clasping each other's hand.
2 to seal a bargain, acknowledge an agreement, settle differences, etc.
shake one's head to turn one's head from side to side as a sign of rejection, disagreement, disapproval, denial, etc.
two shakes (of a lamb's tail) colloq a very short time.
shake down to go to bed, especially in a makeshift or temporary bed. See also shakedown.
shake someone down
1 slang to extort money from them by threats or blackmail.
2 to frisk them (for weapons, drugs, etc). See also shakedown.
shake something down slang to search it thoroughly.
shake something or someone off
1 to get rid of it; to free oneself from them.
2 to escape from them.
shake someone up colloq to stimulate them into action, especially from a state of lethargy or apathy. See also shake-up.
shake something up colloq to reorganize it thoroughly. See also shake-up.

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