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settle pronunciación 1
verb (settled , settling )
1 tr & intr to make or become securely, comfortably or satisfactorily positioned or established.
2 tr & intr (also settle on something) to come to an agreement about it settle an argument settle on a date .
3 intr to come to rest.
4 to subside Wait till the dust has settled .
5 to establish a practice or routine You'll soon settle into the job .
6 tr & intr (also settle down or settle someone down) to make or become calm, quiet or disciplined after a period of noisy excitement or chaos.
7 to conclude or decide Let's settle this matter once and for all .
8 tr & intr to establish or take up a permanent home or residence They eventually settled in Australia .
9 tr & intr (also settle up) to pay off or clear (a bill or debt); to settle accounts I will settle the bill .
10 intr said of particles in a liquid: to sink to the bottom or form a scum.
11 (usu settle something on someone) to transfer ownership of it legally to them She settled her estate on her son .
[Anglo-Saxon setlan to place]
settle for something to accept it as a compromise or instead of something more suitable Would you settle for half the amount?
settle in to adapt to a new living environment.
settle with someone to come to an agreement or deal with them.

settle pronunciación 2
noun a wooden bench with arms and a solid high back, often with a storage chest fitted below the seat.
[Anglo-Saxon setl ]

settlement pronunciación
1 the act of settling or the state of being settled.
2 a recently settled community or colony.
3 an agreement, especially one ending an official dispute.
4 subsidence or sinking.
5 a an act of legally transferring ownership of property;
b the document enforcing this.

noun someone who settles in a country that is being newly populated.

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