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set pronunciación 1
verb (set , setting )
1 to put, place or fix into a specified position or condition set free set them straight .
2 to array or arrange Everything was set out beautifully .
3 tr & intr to make or become solid, rigid, firm or motionless The jelly has set set someone's jaw .
4 to fix, establish or settle Let's set a date .
5 to embed The lamp posts are set firmly in the cement .
6 to stud, sprinkle or variegate.
7 to regulate.
8 to put into a state of readiness or preparation set the table .
9 to appoint, especially to a particular task or duty.
10 to appoint or call (a meeting, etc).
11 to ordain or fix (a procedure, etc).
12 to adjust (a measuring device, eg a clock) to the correct reading.
13 to adjust (a device) so that its controls are activated at a fixed time Set the oven timer to 11 o'clock .
14 to put something upon a course or start it off set it going .
15 to incite or direct.
16 to fix (a broken bone) in its normal position for healing.
17 to impose or assign as an exercise or duty set a test Which text has been set for the exam?
18 to present or fix as a lead to be followed We must set an example .
19 to place on or against a certain background or surroundings diamonds set in a gold bracelet .
20 to decorate She wore a bracelet set with diamonds .
21 to stir, provoke or force into activity That set me thinking We've set her to work .
22 to treat (hair) when wet so that it stays in the required style when dry.
23 to hold or place as a value or consideration of worth set a high price on honesty .
24 intr said of the sun or moon: to disappear below the horizon.
25 to put down or advance (a pledge or deposit).
26 printing to arrange.
27 intr to have, take on or start along a particular course or direction.
28 said of a plant: to produce (seed).
29 intr said of a plant: to begin to form fruit or seed.
30 to compose or fit music to (words).
31 to position (a sail) so that it catches the wind.
32 to place (a novel, film, etc) in a specified period, location, etc The Great Gatsby is set in the 1920s .
33 intr to dance in a facing position set to your partner .
34 to put (a hen) on eggs to hatch them.
35 to put (eggs) under a hen for incubation.
36 to wager (a bet).
37 said of a gun dog:
a to point out (game);
b intr to indicate the location of game by crouching.
38 tr & intr said of a colour in dyeing: to become, or to make it become, permanent or to prevent it running.
1 the act or process of setting or the condition of being set.
2 a setting.
3 form; shape the set of his jaw .
4 habitual or temporary posture, carriage or bearing.
5 theat , cinematog the area within which the action takes place.
6 theat , cinematog the scenery and props used to create a particular location.
7 a the process of setting hair;
b a hairstyle produced by setting a shampoo and set .
8 the hang of a garment, especially when worn.
9 a plant-slip, bulb or tuber ready for planting.
10 a gun dog's indication of game.
1 fixed or rigid; allowing no alterations or variations a set menu .
2 established; never-changing He's too set in his ways .
3 predetermined or conventional set phrases .
4 ready or prepared We're all set to go .
5 about to receive or experience something; due We're set for a pay rise .
6 assigned; prescribed These are the set texts for this year .
[Anglo-Saxon settan ]
be set on something to be determined to do it.
set one's teeth to clamp or clench them tightly together.
set about someone to attack them.
set about something to start or begin it They set about digging the garden .
set someone against someone else to make them mutually hostile They set him against his own family .
set something against something else
1 to compare or contrast them.
2 to deduct one from the other set expenses against tax .
set something or someone apart to separate or put them aside as different, especially superior.
set something aside
1 to disregard or reject it.
2 to reserve it or put it away for later use.
set something back
1 to delay or hinder its progress.
2 to cause it to return to a previous and less advanced stage They've introduced changes that will set the health service back decades .
3 slang to cost (in money) How much did that set you back?
set someone down
1 to allow them to leave or alight from a vehicle at their destination.
2 to slight or snub them.
set something down
1 to record it in writing.
2 to judge or view it (in a specified way) The scheme was set down as a failure .
set something down to something else to attribute it to it His behaviour was set down to the stress he was under .
set forth to begin a journey.
set something forth to declare, propose or explain it She set forth her views .
set in
1 to become firmly established We must leave before darkness sets in .
2 said of a current or wind: to move or blow in the direction of the shore.
set off to start out on a journey We'll set off in the morning .
set someone off to provoke them into action or behaviour of a specified kind He can always set us off laughing .
set something off
1 to start it or make it happen You set off a terrible argument that day .
2 to detonate (an explosive).
3 to show it off to good advantage or enhance its appearance The colour of the dress sets off your eyes .
4 to deduct it from another source; to offset it.
set on someone to attack them.
set someone or something on someone to order them to attack I'll set the dogs on you if you don't leave!
set out
1 to begin or embark on a journey.
2 to resolve or intend (to do something) She set out to cause trouble .
set something out
1 to present or explain it She set out her proposals plainly .
2 to lay it out for display.
set to
1 to start working; to apply oneself to a task.
2 to start fighting or arguing. See also set-to.
set someone up
1 to put them into a position of guaranteed security The inheritance has set him up for life .
2 to enable them to begin a new career.
3 to improve or restore their health.
4 slang to trick them into becoming a target for blame or accusations, or into feeling embarrassed or foolish. See also set-up.
set something up
1 to bring it into being or operation; to establish it He set the company up by himself .
2 to arrange it.
3 to put up or erect something Let's set the tents up over here . See also set-up.

set pronunciación 2
1 a group of related people or things, especially of a kind that usually associate, occur or are used together The class has two sets of twins These chairs only come in sets of six .
2 maths a group of objects, or elements, that have at least one characteristic in common, so that it is possible to decide exactly whether a given element does or does not belong to that group, eg the set of even numbers.
3 a complete collection or series of pieces needed for a particular activity a chess set a train set .
4 the songs or tunes performed by a singer or a band at a concert They played quite a varied set .
5 tennis , darts , etc a group of games in which the winning player or players have to win a specified number, with a match lasting a certain number of sets.
6 a company performing a dance production.
7 a series of dance movements or figures.
8 a device for receiving or transmitting television or radio broadcasts.
[14c: from French sette ]

set pronunciación 3 or sett
1 a badger's burrow.
2 a block of stone or wood used in paving.
3 the number of a weaver's reed, determining the number of threads to the inch.
4 a square or pattern of tartan.
[19c: from set1]

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