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service pronunciación
1 the condition or occupation of being a servant or someone who serves.
2 work carried out for or on behalf of others do someone a service This car has given me good service .
3 the act or manner of serving.
4 use or usefulness; utility I hope it will be of some service to you .
5 a favour or any beneficial act Can I be of service?
6 employment, especially as a member of an organization working to serve or benefit others in some way; such an organization a veteran of many years' service the civil service .
7 the personnel employed in such an organization.
8 the requirements of members of such an organization.
9 assistance given to customers in a shop, restaurant, etc.
10 a facility provided a counselling service .
11 an occasion of worship or other religious ceremony; the words, etc used on such an occasion the marriage service .
12 a liturgical form or the musical setting of it.
13 a complete set of cutlery and crockery a dinner service .
14 (usu services) the supply eg of water, public transport, etc.
15 a periodic check and sometimes repair of the workings of a vehicle or other machine.
16 in racket sports: the act of putting the ball into play, or the game in which it is a particular player's turn to do so That was a poor service He lost his service .
17 a service charge, eg in a restaurant service not included .
18 (often services) any of the armed forces.
19 the participation of their members in warfare.
20 (services) a service area.
1 referring to a service or the services.
2 for use by domestic servants service entrance .
verb (serviced , servicing )
1 to subject (a vehicle, etc) to a periodic check.
2 said of a male animal: to mate with (a female).
3 to pay interest on (a debt).
[12c: from Latin servitium , from servire to serve]
at someone's service ready to serve or give assistance to them.
be of service to someone to help or be useful to them.
in service
1 in use or operation.
2 working as a domestic servant.
out of service broken; not in operation.

service area
noun an establishment near a motorway or major road providing facilities such as filling stations, garages, restaurants, toilets, etc.

service charge
noun a percentage of a restaurant or hotel bill added on to cover the cost of service.

service flat
noun a flat where the cost of certain services, eg domestic cleaning, is included in the rent.

service industry
noun an industry whose business is providing services rather than manufacturing products, eg dry-cleaning, entertainment, transport, etc.

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