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serve pronunciación
verb (served , serving )
1 to work for someone as a domestic servant; to be in the service of someone.
2 intr to be a servant.
3 to work for the benefit of someone; to aid He serves the community well .
4 tr & intr to attend to (customers in a shop, etc); to provide to them.
5 tr & intr to attend to the needs or requirements of someone These shoes have served me well .
6 tr & intr (also serve up) to bring, distribute or present (food or drink) to someone.
7 intr to wait at table.
8 to provide with or supply materials.
9 to render service and obedience to someone to serve God to serve the country .
10 intr to carry out duties as a member of some body or organization They serve on a committee .
11 intr to act as a member of the armed forces We served in the marines We served in France .
12 to provide specified facilities There are trams serving the entire city .
13 tr & intr to be of use; to suffice or fulfil a need There's no chair, but this box will serve This will serve our purpose .
14 intr to have a specific effect or result His speech just served to make matters worse .
15 to undergo as a requirement You have to serve an apprenticeship .
16 tr & intr in racket sports: to put (the ball) into play.
17 law to deliver or present (a legal document) serve with a writ He served a summons on her .
18 said of a male animal: to copulate with (a female).
19 naut to bind (rope, etc) with cord to guard and strengthen it.
noun in racket sports: an act of serving.
[13c: from Latin servire to serve]
serve one's time to undergo an apprenticeship or term in office.
serve someone right colloq to be the misfortune or punishment that they deserve.
serve time to undergo a term of imprisonment.

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